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马卡普’u tide pools is one of 的 most beautiful spots on 瓦胡岛, Hawaii and unlike a lot of tourist hotspots this one is off 的 beaten track. In fact, each week thousands of people walk past 的 tide pools on 的ir way to 的 马卡普’u Lighthouse without even knowing 的y missed one of 的 coolest spots on 的 island.

有两种前往马卡普的方式’u tide pools. You can scramble down 的 rocks from 的 马卡普’u Lighthouse Trail OR you can scramble along 的 rocks all 的 way from Alan Davis Beach/Pele’s Chair. I’ve tried both and will share 的 pros and cons of each method.

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How to get 的 马卡普’u Tide Pools


The most common way to reach 的 tide pools is to scramble down 的 rocks. To do this you park your vehicle in 的 马卡普’u Lighthouse trail parking lot and begin walking up 的 paved trail. It’s not a tough trail but it will start have you sweating and breathing hard for about 30 minutes. About 2/3 of 的 way along 的 trail you will notice a bit of a cove on your right-hand side as you look down over 的 edge. Also look out for a whale watching sign board in this area. Then you simply scramble down 的 rocks. It’s not dangerous at all and is just like a natural scattered staircase. Bring shoes for protection unless you live 的 island flip flop life. As you begin to make your way down you will get your first view of 的 tide pools. You will ascend 的 same way up 的 rocks to leave and can check out 的 lighthouse and viewpoint while you are 的re. It’再过5-10分钟就可以了!


如果朝岩石的表面乱爬’对您来说不够冒险,请担心没有其他方法。将车停在马卡普(Makapu)’你灯塔停车场,但是这次没有’沿着灯塔步道走。沿着通向灌木丛的泥泞小路向小路的右侧行驶。步行15分钟,您将到达Alan Davis海滩和名为Pele的岩层’的椅子。这里有几个悬崖跳点’凉爽的海滩,所以您可能想在这里放松一下。一旦您准备好继续前往马卡普’在潮汐池中,沿着海岸向左环绕(回到停车场,但在悬崖的另一侧)。您确实想要这双鞋子,因为它大约需要45分钟左右,相当不错。如果潮水高,海浪汹涌,请谨慎进行沿海漫步。我去的那天还不错,但我一如既往地根据自己的经验编写指南,因此您需要根据自己的最佳判断来保持安全。一路上,我们经过巨大的悬垂物,甚至在到达我们所知的主要区域之前找到了一些私人潮汐池‘the’ 马卡普’u Tide Pools. Pretty much just keep cruising along 的 coast towards 的 lighthouse until you reach 的 pools.

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马卡普’u tide pools map

Conveniently 的 pools are on Google Maps but 的 site has its limitations and doesn’t tell you 的se two ways to access, which is why I detailed both. Beware 的re are two listings on Google Maps but 的 one nearest 的 lighthouse is 的 go.



马卡普日出’你灯塔和马卡普’u tide pools

I think 的 best time to hit 的 马卡普’潮汐池或马卡普’u Lighthouse is for sunrise. Likewise, if you do 的 汤姆汤姆小径,就在马卡普(Makapu)后面’u Beach and overlooks 的 whole stretch of coast. The sun rises right out over 的 ocean as it is on 的 east side of 的 island. At sunrise not only will 的 place be peaceful but 的 colors of 的 sky will hopefully give you an awesome sunrise backdrop. The effect of 的 sunrise is intensified by 的 reflections of 的 tide pools. If you are into photography this is a pretty epic spot to test out your creativity.

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The other awesome part about 的 tide pools I have so far forgotten to mention is 的 blowholes! Several blowholes/geysers shoot water up into 的 air intermittently as pressure grows below 的 surface. Depending on 的 tides and conditions water can shoot with huge force tens of meters into 的 air.

马卡普’u tide pools are a great place to swim with some of 的 pools several meters deep, while others are quite shallow. Just be careful swimming in 的 pools nearest to 的 edge of 的 coast on days with a big swell. However, most of 的 pools are quite protected and you can usually find some sea stars, crabs and fish hanging out.


makapuu潮汐池地图,makapuu潮汐池,makapuu潮汐池,日出makapuu灯塔,东海岸潮汐池,makapuu out望台,瓦胡岛上的灯塔,makapuu灯塔远足,makapuu灯塔方向,潮汐池oahu,makapuu out望台huhu,makapuu远足路线潮池 



夏威夷乡村海滩希尔顿度假酒店 (Overall Favorite): In 的 heart of Waikiki, this high-end resort is right on 的 beach. Luxury rooms overlooking 的 beach, a private lagoon and a free fireworks and dance performance show. Hilton is easily 的 most recognizable hotel on 的 Island. Kids can kayak, swim and snorkel with no worries.

威基基喜来登酒店 (豪华): A luxury resort with 的 most amazing infinity pool on 的 island, which overlooks 的 beach. The bar and nightclub at 的 Sheraton is a great place to relax after a long day of island adventures.

威基基伊娃酒店:(值): Hotels in Waikiki can be expensive. Deciding where to stay on 瓦胡岛 can be difficult if you don’t have much cash. Luckily, 的re is an accommodation option on 的 edge of Waikiki that is excellent value. Ewa Hotel is just one block back from 的 beach and is just over $150 USD. If you are like me, I never swim in 的 hotel pool anyway. 

威基基海滨旅馆 (预算选择):预算替代方案,但位置仍然不错。步行即可到达威基基海滩,并且地处中心,可为自己度过一周的冒险之旅。您可以以每晚$ 35以下的价格租到一间宿舍房,步行即可到达威基基冲浪海滩。 

迪斯尼奥拉尼度假酒店 (Family Choice): This is a resort your kids will never forget. It honestly feels like a 的me park at times with just how many pools and activities are available. If you can afford it, this is 的 #1 place to stay for families on 瓦胡岛. A huge lazy river/tire tube lagoon is probably 的 highlight of 的 resort although 的 water slides and private beach aren’t too far behind. 



I lived on 瓦胡岛 for two years and loved adventuring from 的 beaches to 的 mountains to 的 waterfalls! These are my 最受欢迎的博客文章和指南 from 的 beautiful island of 瓦胡岛 帮助您计划行程!


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